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Dear Business Owner,
The Newtown Theatre located in the center of Historic Newtown is the heart of our community, and has been for over 181 years. As a non-profit corporation making ends meet is hard some times, so recently we have started to offer advertising opportunities on screen before each movie. We have carefully designed a program of advertising that incorporates the history of our theatre, and upcoming events, with an intermix 2 groups of twelve 15 second ads, along our plea that our customers support those people who support the theatre. This gives each advertiser 30 seconds of screen time before each movie. As you know being from the community the loyalty of the patrons of the Newtown Theatre is unparalleled and runs very deep. So enough of the hard sell. If you would be interested the theatre offers the following, we do this presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, the pre show runs a minimum of once before each show, depending on the time available between movies some times more. I would be happy to discuss your needs with you further, I realize your time is valuable and do thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please scroll down for the rates.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call my Cell phone number is (215) 805-0762


Eric Silverman
General Manager
Newtown Hall Theatre.




2012 On-Screen Advertising Rates
(as of 12/31/2011)

  Contract Term
Month 6 Months Yearly
1 Slide Paid in advance for the term $500.00 $400/Mo
$2,400/ Term
1 Slide Paid Month to Month $500.00 $450.00 $400.00


  For a Sample layout of the current advertising presentation click here.

Other advertising opportunities with the Newtown Theatre are:

Ticket envelopes, each year the theatre uses over 5,000 ticket envelopes for live events, advertising is space is available on both the front & back of each envelope.

On the backs of tickets, each year the theatre prints over 20,000 tickets for live events, the back of each of these tickets is available, and would offset the tremendous cost of ticket printing to the many Non-Profit organizations that use this service.

Web Site Advertising Also Available

Terms of on-screen advertising:

  1. The Newtown Theatre will run on screen advertising for every regularly scheduled movie that has an attendance of more than 2 patrons. The show will be run at least once before each movie when permitted by the movie company but on most occasions runs more.

  2. Should the theatre be used for live performances where the screen is not available to run the advertising, it will be run on monitor(s) in the lobby in place of on screen, while patrons are present.

  3. All accounts must be in good standing for your advertising to run, this means that payment must be in our hands or the ad will be removed from the show and the time slot made available to someone else.

  4. We will send you 1 invoice via email 7 to 14 days before the term ends, If we do not hear from you, or receive payment it will be presumed that you no longer wish to advertise, and the slot will be made available to someone else.

  5. Advertising is limited to businesses that conduct their primary business in Newtown Borough and Newtown Township, and the surrounding area, and have offices principally located in the immediate area. Businesses that are Nationally based with no presence in the local community are not accepted.

  6. As there are only 12 (twelve) available advertising slots, and as there is no way to insure the timing placement of your ad, ads are randomly assigned by the theatre and no guarantee as to placement within the show.

  7. Ads may not have talking in them, background music will be accommodated when we are able, the General Manager of the theatre is the sole decision as to the appropriate nature of the content and has the final right of refusal of any and all content.

  8. Should for any reason this program or your ad be discontinued for any reason, the sole liability of the theatre shall be to refund you any un-obligated monies.

  9. Content of the advertising may be changed monthly as long as the PowerPoint slide is delivered to the theatre no less than 7 days before you want it included, more frequent changes are available at a cost of $30 per change.

  10. Should at any time all 12 advertising slots be taken a waiting list will be started on a first come basis, a deposit of $100.00 that will be applied to your first invoice is required to be placed on the list. Should you remove your name from the list your deposit will be refunded.

  11. The theatre reserves the right to limit like or similar businesses within the advertising program as it deems appropriate.

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