Newtown Theatre

Statement on Handicapped Accessibility

The Newtown Theatre is not Handicapped Accessible by today's standards.  For those with limited mobility there are 7 steps from the front walkway to the main lobby.  The buildings restroom facilities are located in the basement down 12 steps.

This being said, The Newtown Theatre will happily make accommodations for any person with a disability within our power.  We are able to and willing to provide assistance to those in wheelchairs by assisting those patrons into the theatre through the side emergency exit that has a ramp and involves no steps.  We however are not sure that we would be able to provide the same assistance to the patron should they wish to visit the restrooms.  The 12 stairs to the basement restrooms are 28" wide with a handrail located 31" above the steps.  The restrooms are also of a older style design and may not be acceptable to those with disabilities.  

If with all this being known you wish to attend a function at The Newtown Theatre, all we ask is that you call us one hour before arriving at (215) 968-3859, select the box office by dialing "0" and inform us as to what help you will require, we then ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled event so all our full staff is available to assist you.  

The Newtown Theatre regrets that we have not yet been able to upgrade our facilities to better serve those with disabilities, and it is our intention to make these improvements in the future.


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